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Brian Jones conversing live
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 9-6-2018

The days are sensational, full of auguries and surprising greatness forever. Through time I could also be a psychic medium. One of my powers is to see, feel, intuit, communicate with spiritual beings and greater dimensional energies.My life happened to be this way, I speak with spirits. Many have talked with me, walking on the sidewalks, rest, in several places I am greeted by great spiritual beings.

When you start talking to me you are filled with happiness, you feel the most perfect beings of all eternity. I also live those moments in that way, happy, proud, close, very close to perfection. They tell me about their concerns, desires, projects.They want everything to change, they have perfected themselves in many factors of life, they are more intelligent than humans, and they do not want to allow mistakes.

Once I was listening to music, I like music, I try to communicate to young people or to all kinds of people, with notes or newspaper articles of the examples lived by many artists who did not compose their works with imaginations but did with lyrics of their own and more intimate experiences.

I sometimes work listening to music, as once I suddenly hear a greeting, I focus, and I look at my door, then I see Brian Jones, I recognized him instantly, because I've been following biographies for years and I listen to the Rolling Stones, and some of his songs were in my curtain radio programs to start at that time as a communicator. Brian Jones he was born on February 28, 1942, as a member of the Stones recorded many tracks, such as Satisfaction, Under My Thum, Paint In Black, Time Is On My Side, Let's Spende The Night Together, 2000 Ligth Years From Home, with other great hits. His last recording with the biggest rock and roll band was You Got The Silve. He died a month later, he was found drowned lifeless in 1969 in his pool surprising the news to everyone

Jones greets me, and talks with me. He chose a moment when I was listening to the Stones, and he told me that he appreciated all the time that I dedicated to understand and enjoy the music of Rolling Stones, the great trajectory of the group, and personally imposed a style for everyone. I asked him how he is, and in what way he felt when he was working in recording studios or concerts and he answered that the instrumental imnovations in the Stones and for rock and roll was his talent, I affirm, it is majestic to be in a stage with the Rolling Stones, the euphoria of the public is explosive. The group is very selective, I say Brian, inside the band and outside was the best, compared to the other musicians was unique. Caused victim of a corrupt system without scruples.

He suggests me to see some of the videos where his image is, playing with the Rolling Stones, well, I thought it was excellent, I started looking for the clips, and we transported ourselves to his time of splendor watching the vídeo The Rolling Stones in Concert 1964. He told me that some of Jagger's steps were transported from the British aboriginal ancestral plane.

Among other videos, we saw a retrospective The First Stone. Brian Jones He was a multi-instrumentalist, he was with me, in Asunción-Paraguay, one of the founders of Rolling Stones, I could not feel better. While watching the video The First Stones, Brian Jones began to get excited, and expressed ¡YES! ¡YEESS! , then shouted proud, euphoric for his career, for being eternal. After remembering his excellent moments he said goodbye and left.

The First Stone (La primera piedra)

The Rolling Stones in Concert 1964


Dios me dijo que .......

Deus me disse que .......

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Brian Jones conversando vivo

Brian Jones conversing live

Brian Jones falando ao vivo

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"Tu sei Profeta, un essere Celestiale Luminoso"

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Aerosmith, asombroso para un karaoke del mundo espiritual

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