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Paraguay: Prohibited to legalize abortion
Vicente Galeano Benegas - 16-6-2018

The news that the Deputies in Argentina approved the legalization of abortion
It has impacted millions of people. No wonder, in the neighboring country happened to legalize safe and gratuitous crime, to kill his own son.

The more abortion will always be a crime, they will become murderers by law of a few. They will turn those who live there into guilty forever, even when they are spirits, or in eternity. The truth will set you free, said Jesus. But now in Argentina as in other countries they will be prisoners after imposing and accepting this criminal legal and legislative.

And I as a prophet of Paraguay,I forbid them to legalize abortion for legislators , headlines, substitutes of the Republic of Paraguay, of both houses, do not even consider abortion in Paraguay. This criminal act, morally and spiritually unfortunate, must not enter or be considered for its sessions.

The successful abortion of a human being is impossible. Nor with the latest technology surgical equipment.Those who claim to achieve good abortion lie. During the intervention, they are destroyed the uterine components, that is to say, the organs and tissues are glued, it is not possible to extract or expel any fetus due to its adherence, that is, it is wrapped or stuck with other membranes. If the patient survives after the surgical intervention, it is because even the sequelae obtained have not affected her instantaneously, but she will eventually suffer and make her suffer.

Because the fetus already has spirit, is a living being, is a spirit incarnated from the first second of his life in the womb of his mother or before being fertilized. This means that those living beings that were killed will be waiting for them in heaven to tell them "Why did they kill me?"; "Why is it free and free?". So if it is certain that this mother will begin to pay for her murder with her remorse, at that moment verifying that she has dismembered her own being. Because life is not gratuitous, it is true, it is a miracle of God.

With the abortion or murder of the fetus, the process of evolutionary life of the
spirit. But if they have killed their human body. More he will continue alive after his attack, he will continue his way being indestructible. And if he claimed, it will affect those who have suffered his misfortune after having impeded his life as a human being, to cut off his divine mission.


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Paraguay: Prohibido legalizar el aborto

Paraguay: Prohibited to legalize abortion

Paraguai: Legalizar o aborto é proibido

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